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Hello World..
Good Morning Everyone, I have just put this blog site up for the purposes of sharing my thoughts with the world. How about a change in the corporate gender here in America by instituting "HOLACRACY". I'm elated by this concept taking shape at Zappo's. This will create a new entrepreneurship mind set within the work force. Yep! Fire your boss and do away with the flat corporate structure. 2) Let's discuss green energy and how we can make all energy sources important to fulfill or needs. Smart grid technology, infrastructer and the way as a counrty store from the natural for future purposes. 3) I want feedback on social issues such as becoming independent of our politicians and the capital hill bull were fed every day. Do away with the social welfare programs that have becomea a way of life for so many at the cost of this and so many generations to come. 4) Share good and healty life styles.

Misato's Garden
2015 mon amour~~
Hola a tod@s!! Espero que est√©n muy bien =D Volv√≠ al blog para buscar algunos escritos... Para qu√©? Pues porque estoy preparando el material para mi segunda participaci√≥n en una antolog√≠a!! >0< El a√Īo pasado ya tuve mi primer publicaci√≥n en "Constructores de espejos", la primera antolog√≠a nacida de la Asociaci√≥n de Escritores de Tandil. Fue todo un honor!!! Y pues, ya que este a√Īo vuelvo a tener la posibilidad, estuve seleccionando... ah√≠ me di cuenta de que tengo q ordenar todo, porque lo tengo desparramado en cuadernos, anotadores, distintas computadoras, un disco externo, este blog... Y lo peor es que usualmente s√≥lo tengo una copia de mis escritos, as√≠ que cuando quiero uno en particular, es m√°s dif√≠cil de encontrar que Carmen Sandiego... xDU En fin! Tengo planeado volver m√°s seguido por ac√° =D Y seguir escribiendo.... Y, mientras miraba mis posts anteriores pens√©... Cu√°ntas cosas tengo que borrar! xD PD: por qu√© se cayeron todas mis im√°genes... (more)

Daily Devotion
But Protected

Date: Tuesday, May 26, 2015 Chapters: Job 1-3 Message Title: Afflicted, But Protected Hello My Friend, Sandwiched in the center of the Old Testament Books are known as Books of Poetry. Theses books are of human experiences of the people of God under various circumstances of their earthly lives. They first begin with the Book of Job, the Book of Job is the eighteenth book of the Old Testament/Bible and contains forty-two chapters. It the oldest written of the Bible books, the timeline is around the time of the Abrahamic Covenant. The author of the book is unknown, but could have been Moses or Job himself and it was written approximately around 1520 BC. The book was written to all people who experience suffering for unexplained reasons. The purpose of the book is to explain the question many people have, "Why do those living for God suffer?". What we are to learn from the book is that there is a spiritual reason behind all the unanswered suffering we encounter. “But he knoweth the... (more)

Beverly A. Hines
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The Common Ills
Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts

Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "Winning" Isaiah's latest The World Today Just Nuts "Winning." Following up on his claim that the fall of Ramadi to the Islamic State was not 'losing,' Barack Obama takes to another historical moment -- the sinking of the Titantic to proclaim, "Another example of winning! Take that, ISIS!" Charlie Sheen observes, "Even I didn't go that far with the bit -- and I was baked." Isaiah archives his comics at The World Today Just Nuts. the world today just nuts comic barack obama winning iraq charlie sheen the common ills

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