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come tempest!
COME TEMPEST! Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra Welcome, most devastating Tempest! I’ve been expecting your arrival. Do again Try to smash my Will and sap my strength with your Diabolic winds, undersea currents and tsunamis. Let us, while the universe watches, dance together With no choreography: you are destroyer of all laws. Crash me, crash me till the hardest of my bones And inner strength will erode and fade away To become lore that will no longer fit to be narrated… That is, if fortune is on your side. But Tempest, I am the architect of situations, The productive zenith of sorceries of a million magi, The master slayer of demons and dragons That attempted to waylay me on my journeys. Tempest, never have I lost to you, never have I Pleaded that you depart from me when you’re around As when you were present a hundred times before. I have become cast as the hardest steel Each time that you’ve made your... (more)

The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Wednesday, October 1, 2014. Chaos and violence continue, Barack's 'plan' continues to falter, Barack steps away from fears of civilian casualties from US bombings, monthly totals for Septembers dead and wounded are released, does a better job of counting the dead than does the United Nations, England joins in bombing Iraq, Senator Patty Murray works to address the issue of homeless veterans, TRICARE is failing some military families in the US, and much more. We're going to start with veterans by noting this press release from Senator Patty Murray's office: (Washington, D.C.) – Today, U.S. Senator Patty Murray, Chairman of the Senate Housing Appropriations Subcommittee and senior member of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, announced new resources to help homeless veterans secure stable housing. Washington state will receive 335 housing vouchers that will be allocated to eleven different ... (more)

Thoughts of JM
Selfish people should just sell fish
I had quite a good day until I received a message through whatsapp from my ex-peer that i had work with from end of last year until early of this year. That ruins my mood for the rest of the evening. We're in the midst of preparing our Year End Performance Review (YEPR for short). & that means, we have to write in all the work we had done for this year. What pissed me off BIG TIME is how selfish this person can be. He wants to claim the work we had DONE TOGETHER - ALONE and he wants to "share" the claim on the work that I HAVE DONE ALONE. Truly, bullshit. It's true that the NOOP that i have prepared had some planning stuffs which he has done the simulation / calculation / so on. But I am the one who compiled all that stuffs into one document and I am the one who go around both towers to get all the signature! Why can't I have the ownership of the NOOP and he can put all the simulations / calculation done on his part? That was my suggestion to him but he refused in the... (more)

bbbs training
Although I have yet to meet my little for Big Brothers Big Sisters, I did have my first experience with the program today. All of the volunteers for the Wednesday program at James Gettys Elementary School met for a "SMART training" program. We basically went over what is expected of us as Bigs, and what we should expect from our little. We learned that these kids are in the program because they were recommended by their teachers as an "at risk" child, and need someone to simply care about them. This honestly left me with mixed emotions. While I cannot wait to be able to have a child look up to me, it breaks my heart that some of them have been placed into this program because they truly feel that people don't care about them. No child should ever feel like they aren't worth anything. I was also touched when the program director told us how much the littles look forward to us coming to see them. Wednesday becomes their favorite day of the week, and some of them even dress up because... (more)

Billige roostertail Abendkleide
r jetzt vorhandenes
Online At toplesposa.
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