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The Common Ills
miller statement on va oig review of phoenix va health care system
Miller Statement on VA OIG Review of Phoenix VA Health Care System US House Rep Jeff Miller is the Chair of the House Veterans Affairs Committee. Last week, his office issued the following: Miller Statement on VA OIG Review of Phoenix VA Health Care System For more information, contact: Curt Cashour, (202) 225-3527 Aug 26, 2014 WASHINGTON — Following the release of the VA Inspector General’s review of the Phoenix VA Health Care System, Chairman Jeff Miller released the below statement. “The inspector general’s report paints a very disturbing picture. Delays in care that VA officials tried to hide caused harm to veterans. Even though the IG says it can’t conclusively assert that deaths were caused by VA negligence, the report does link 20 deaths to substandard care. Almost as troubling as the report itself is the fact that VA... (more)

Frosted Blog
Coco Tribe Posted That They Are Being Recast
So, Coco Tribe announced that they have discovered someone is selling recasts of their dolls. While looking into dolls with similar measurements I have come across sites in a few different languages that were using CT photos and selling the dolls. What they didn't say in the info was that the dolls were made by CT and weren't on the official dealer list. Legit sellers that were just selling off a couple they had....or were those the recasters? Okay. Let's say you have no issues with recasts. Why Coco Tribe, whose dolls are very inexpensive for bjds? We aren't talking $300 Volks dolls here. A nude, unpainted Amber doll on the 17cm body with no special resin color is $135. How much cheaper could a bootlegger churn it out for and still maintain some kind of quality? What's next....Bobobie/Resin Soul recasts? Buying a recast CT doll to "save money" doesn't even begin to make sense.And it takes money to buy dolls and casting supplies. They wouldn't do it unless they figured there was... (more)

home again
im back for goodI tried not to write for sometime. hindi ko alam kung bakit. pero tinatamad na ako. iniisip ko pa lang ayoko na. iniisip ko pa lang tinatamad na ako. mahirap mangkunwari. pero heto muli ako.. nagsusulat. binabalikan ang nakaraan. nagsasamo ng saloobin at higit sa lahat. nandito na muli ako para maiparating ko ang aking damdamin. salamat sa mga gusting sumilip at naghahangad na makabasa na naman ng kung ano ano. sa mahigit na 9 na taon. nandito pa rin ako....

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1. R3hab (00:26:53) - 27.07.20142. WolfPack (00:49:14) - 18.07.20143. W&W (00:31:02) - 27.07.20144. Tiesto and Hardwell B2B (01:29:57) - 20145. Nicky Romero (00:55:44) - 26.07.20146. Martin Garrix (00:24:27) - 27.07.20147. Martin Garrix (00:57:11) - 25.07.20148. Krewella (00:27:17) - 20.07.20149. Krewella (00:24:05) - 26.07.201410. Hardwell (00:57:21) - 26.07.201411. David Guetta (00:50:49) - 26.07.201412. Armin van Buuren (01:10:02) - 25.07.201413. Above & Beyond (01:08:15) - 26.07.201414. Tomorrowland (day 2)p.1 (01:57:22) - 19.07.201415. Tomorrowland (day 2)p.2 (02:55:55) - 19.07.201416. Tomorrowland (day 2)p.3 (03:08:33) - 19.07.201417. Tomorrowland (day 2)p.4 (02:59:07) - 19.07.201418. Tomorrowland (day 2)p.5 (03:14:14) - 19.07.201419. Tomorrowland (day 2)p.6 (02:58:04) - 19.07.201420. Tomorrowland (day 2)p.7 (03:07:26) - 19.07.201421. Tomorrowland (day 2)p.8 (02:45:02) - 19.07.201422. Nico Morano (01:32:16) - 26.07.201423. Steve Angello (00:45:28)... (more)

Monday evening
What a long intermission today! Hello sweetlife. I have been on a long journey today and all without going anywhere at all! Seriously, it has been a very long day today and yet in one blink time has shifted across several chapters without pause though it seemed to take forever to arrive at the point in time where I had the time and space enough to come over for a visit! I have missed you very much and I've been very conscious of the great long gap in time but seriously unable to deal with what I was coping with here. Now I hope that this will bridge the gap and bring about a true connectivity and therefore a sweet resurgence of the affection which is like a tonic and which was what did so much good. Other than that, I have been tackling things and getting a sort out done. There has been no word as yet on what the new real estate folk are intending; certainly there has been no delivery of an anticipated envelope with a letter announcing a date for an inspection of the... (more)

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