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Business Advice
Effective Postcard can Drag you to Success
You probably wanna ask how simple postcards can make your business endeavor spicy and full of zest. Well, you may not be aware of it but postcards nowadays are among the most proficient and easy to use marketing tools. Aside from the fact that they catch instant attention because they are impossible to ignore, postcards also save money. They cost less than other marketing tools however, they can generate immediate sales. This is the reason why we should never forget the call to action in order to result to sales. Postcards are perfect for both small and huge mailings. You can use postcards for your whole mailing list or to only a few or specific products and services. Postcards printing and mailing come in a wide variety of options. With regards to printing, there are different designs and sizes available. They are now allowing personalization or customization to give their customers a chance to create their own design and to enliven their very concepts in their choice of postcards.... (more)

Daily Devotion

KJB Daily Devotion – Following Jesus Through Every Chapter Date: Saturday, February 06, 2016 Chapters: Leviticus 19-21 Message: Leviticus: Choose Hello My Friend, There are a few topics as Christians that are very hard to address, and a lot of churches, pastors, and teachers steer clear from talking about them. As much as we want to avoid them, they must be addressed. Yes, we will be hated, get all sorts of threats, even from the government, but true Christians, those who read and follow the Bible (one has not been doctored to condone these issues) have to tell the truth without fear. Nothing I talk about from the Bible is a personal attack on anyone, it is just what God says and how He reveals His word to me. So, with that said, as God has been preparing me for this the past three days, I have to address homosexuality. We are living in a society where we are forced to accept homosexuality as something normal, what they were born with, even saying God created them that way. It... (more)

various ramblings
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day 2
Puasa hari ke-2. Tapi yang kepikiran terus si Ed. Omg. Kehilangan fokus. Gw dari dulu kalo suka sama orang, sama kan kayak gini.... Omg, i wanna meet Ed, lalu hear his voice, touch his hand. Wanna feel my heart races over him. I', in love huh? Puasa sann puasaaaaaa.... inget untuk apa kamu puasa

How can Apple improve the low-power mode?
IOS 9 can stretch battery powerBattery power has been continually developed for each smartphone. For every upgrading, hardware manufacturers improve to enhance battery power, however, when hardware reaching the top of the upgrade, manufacturer has to upgrade the software. Apple added a new “low power mode” to the iPhone as part of iOS 9. You’ll be prompted to activate it each time your phone reaches 20 percent battery, but you can also enable it before that point to stretch your battery power further.iOS 9 low battery mode limits the network activity and reduces some of the function to achieve the purpose of saving battery. For example, when the cell phone is low battery, the mail cannot be sent out. The users have to check by themselves. The daemon will disable auto refresh and download. Dynamic effects and Brightness definitely turned off or change to the lower function. The speed of network probably will decrease, but the users can still be... (more)

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